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In inclement weather, schools need to inform parents that classes are delayed or cancelled. Sometimes, parents forget to check the news to see if their school is delayed. Schools could send out SMS text messages to inform parents if school is being delayed or cancelled.


Local Councils sometimes need to change parking permissions, due to bad weather, an accident or even an event. The Authority's could alert the residents of parking changes in their neighbourhood via SMS text message.

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When scheduling house maintenance Ė cable repair, for example Ė technicians typically provide a 4-hour window for service. This practice forces many people to change their existing plans or take time off work. With SMS text messaging, the cable company might reduce the wait time by sending an SMS text message notifying the customer of the technicianís current status and schedule.


At a sports arena, security needs to be alerted to unruly activity in the stands. A spectator who is nearby could send an SMS text message anonymously alerting security of a problem. Help could arrive quickly.


In banking, much attention is paid to activity on accounts. If there is suspicious activity on an account, or an account falls below a certain balance, the bank could send the customer a text message alert and help avert any issues.


Car dealerships recommend that cars get their oil changed on a regular basis and as we all know, cars over 3years old need a yearly MOT. Many dealerships will call their customers to remind them that itís time to get their car serviced/MOT'd every 12 months. These reminders could go out automatically, and when the car is finished, another automatic text message could be sent to the customer to tell them their car is ready to be picked up


Typically, when a patient visits the Dentist for a check-up, they make their next appointment in advance. Many dentist offices send out reminder postcards a month in advance, with a reminder call a day in advance. These reminders can be made automatically, reducing paper and postage, and freeing the dental office staff to perform other activities.


Many people use maintenance prescriptions to control symptoms of chronic illnesses like high blood pressure or asthma. Some pharmacies like to send out reminders for prescription refills so that the medication doesnít get interrupted and people can maintain their health. These reminders can be made automatically, so that pharmacy staff can give more personalized care to their patients.


In business, many reporting tasks are sent on a regular basis. A manager could remind their employees of items that become due. For example, an SMS text message could be sent out to remind them to send in their status reports, time cards, or to remind them of an upcoming meeting.


Golf courses often assign tee times in advance. To remind golfers of their tee times, the club could send an SMS text message. Also, if there are open tee times that need to be filled, they could send out SMS text messages notifying their members of available slots.


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